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Frequently Asked Questions (that i made up)

///What does orange cake mean?
Way back when I was a wee one, while driving over a big hill in my neighborhood, I used to say something that my parents thought sounded like orange cake. I was trying to describe the earthquake sensation I was feeling in my stomach. Who knows.

///How did you come about?
In 2008 I took a screen printing class and printed this shirt (among others) for a few friends. By popular request, I had it professionally reprinted and am now selling them. for more info on me.

///Do you plan on printing your other designs?
Yes. Once I get some of these California Coasts off my hands, I'll contemplate what to print next. If you'd like to be notified of when I print a new shirt, send an email to with SUBSCRIBE in the subject.

///Are refunds/exchanges allowed?
Yes. Within 10 days of the date you receive your order, refunds and exchanges will be accepted.

///What if you're out of my size?
Sorry about that. Send an email to with SUBSCRIBE in the subject to be notified of if/when I print it again.

///How are shirts shipped? When can I expect it?
Shirts are sent via USPS First-Class mail. Shirts go out within 1-2 business days of ordering and take 2-5 days in the mail. Via email, you will receive notification of your shirt being sent along with a tracking number. From time of ordering, please allow 10 days before contacting us if you have not received your order.

///Do you ship overseas?
Email for more info.